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Lake Como, Italy. Who doesn’t dream of someday visiting this awe inspiring and beautiful place? I know I did and this is why when my husband and I began planning our honeymoon in Italy, exploring Lago Di Como was a must see.


Where to stay: we stayed in the small village of Sala Comacina in a lovely Air B&B with stunning view from the terrace. This village, although small does have everything you need, restaurants, stores, bars and a ferry stop. All the people we encountered here are lovely and speak English. The village is nicely located not to far from Lenno, Bellagio and many famous sights. Downfall of this quant village: the ferry only stops here twice per day. So if you wanted to leave earlier than 11:30 on your sightseeing day or come back after 530pm another village may be better. One of the most popular places to visit and stay is Bellagio, I would recommend this or Lenno as they are slightly larger and the ferry frequents more often.

Top highlights/Must Sees in Lake Como

We were only at Lake Como for 2 nights and 1 full/busy day and these are my top things to see.

  1. Villa Balbianello. You will recognize this villa from Casino Royal and Star Wars. It is a beautiful property with many great photo opts. DSC_0082
  2. Villa Carlotta. Another beautiful villa to tour with immaculate gardens. There is even a ferry stop specifically for this villa.
  3. Castello di Vezio. If Villa’s are not your thing, then take the hour long walk up to these ruins from Varenna. It is quite the trek up but the views are breathtaking. DSC_0109
  4. Greenway del lago. This is a road/path built by the Romans. We took it from Sala Comacina to Villa Balbianello and Lenno. If you have the time and like to be active I would recommend this. It is an easy walk winding through villages and past villas. It was amazing to think of the Romans traveling along the same road so long ago. FullSizeRender

Other than this enjoy the ferry rides with panoramic views and wonder around the many villages dotting the lakeside.


Tips: You must buy a ferry ticket before boarding the boat. There are ticket booths at most ferry stops but if there is not a booth you may buy from the captain on board. You can buy a road-trip or one-way ticket, I suggest one way as you will probably be  going from village to village.

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    I’ve been wanting to go there forever!! beautiful post!!

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