French Lavender Fields Guide

Most articles and blogs make it sound like all you have to do is drive through Provence and it will be covered in Lavender fields. I learned the hard way, this is not true! This guide will tell you where to find those beautiful lavender fields, how to take those beautiful pictures, where you can stay nearby and what else is there to do near the fields.

Lavender in Provence France

Where are the Lavender Fields?

If you are visiting the Luberon area of Provence you can easily visit Sault to get in some Lavender fields. This is a great place to visit a family run farm. But if you want the iconic fields, pictured here, you will need to go to Valensole. In Vanensole you’ll find the largest variety of lavender in the largest fields. All you have to do is take the main road, D6, towards or out of town(depending on where you are coming from) and you will find the gorgeous fields, this one is south of the village.

How to get The Photos

To get gorgeous shots you need to be at the fields just before sunrise. This will give you time to park, on the side of the road as fields are not fenced, get your gear and set up before other people start arriving. Heads up, there will be lots of bees!

Also, please do not pick or damage the lavender plants- remember these are crops for farmers to sell. Above all else, be respectful.

In the same are you will also be able to visit large sunflower fields.

Where to Stay

  • Le Jardin de Celina

            Visit Webiste

  • Admirons la Nature

            Learn More

            Visit Website

  • Le Couvent des Minimes 

            Visit Website

  • Chateau de Grand Jardin 

            Learn More 

lavender fields france

When to Visit the Lavender Fields?

The best time to visit is when the lavender is in full bloom, right before harvest. Although the exact dates vary every year depending on the season and weather usually the best time is late June, early July. I was there the first week of July and it was perfect!

What else to do?

While in the are visit Moustier Sainte Marie and climb the 260 steps to the top of the Notre Dame in the village to get a panoramic view! Visit the beautiful lac de Sainte Croix.

Looking for information on Provence? Check out my Provence Travel Guide. Need more help planning your trip? As a professional Travel Advisor, it’s my job to design you the perfect Provincial escape. Visit my travel planning page or planning process page to learn more. 

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