Creative Tulum Instagram Spots

Tulum Instagram spots, the non usual guide. Sure you can take the usually Instagram photos at Raw Tulum, Matcha Mama, and the “dream” street sign, or you can be different and take Tulum photography to the next level! This photography guide will give you photography ideas at hotels and beaches around Tulum. Get ready to be inspired to get out of the norm and get creative while in Tulum Mexico.

Nomade Tulum

One of my favorite Tulum Instagram spots in the Nomade. Taking Instagram photos at Nomade Tulum is so easy because the place is gorgeous! You can stay at the hotel or stop by for a visit. However you visit, I suggest starting shooting early in the morning while the place is empty. Shoot around the beach, pool, grounds, tunnel to the beach, and restaurant. Here are the photos I took around the property:

To book your stay at the Nomade click here. To read my review of the Nomade and 7 other Tulum hotels click here.

NEST Tulum

My second favorite Tulum Instagram spot is the NEST, with beautifully simplistic bohemian decor. You can choose to stay at NEST or stop by for a drink and shoot. Photo spots at NEST, jungle walkways, beach loungers, and dining area of the restaurant. Here are some Instagram photos ideas at the NEST Tulum:

To book your stay at the NEST click here. To read my review of the Nomade and 7 other Tulum hotels click here.

Gramery Tulum

One more hotel to inspire your Tulum Instagram photo ideas. This hotel, like most hotels in Tulum, is very photogenic so let these photos inspire you to get out and shoot where ever you stay. Again, you can stay at this hotel or stop by for a quick shoot.

To book your stay at the Gramercy Tulum. To read my review of the Nomade and 7 other Tulum hotels click here.

Sunrise at Tulum Beach

Maybe the top Tulum Instagram spot- the beach! Tulum faces east so there are beautiful sunrises. Sunrise at the beach is the best time to shoot! Take a look at the below pictures to get inspired for your beach Instagram photoshoot!

Azulik Tulum

Okay, okay, I know this is one of the typical Instagram places in Tulum but it really stunning! I didn’t stay at this hotel but if you do you can get even more amazing photos. One thing to know is when you dine at Azulik you can not take pictures with a camera inside, it’s phone photos only, unfortunately.

If choosing to dine: the restaurant only does 2 seatings for dinner so be sure to look up what time sunset is before you book your reservation- I was there in October, meaning sunset was pretty early so I booked the 5:30 pm seating. Since there was no one sitting at the nest tables that night our waiter took us out to take photos there. You can book the nest tables but it’s around $500 just to sit there for dinner and then there is a minimum for food/drink spend.

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