Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Looking into a safari? Tanzania just may be the best country in Africa for a safari. But seasonality plays a major part in where you can visit and what you can see. When planning a safari time of year to visit is the most important detail. So, when is the best time to visit Tanzania? Keep reading to find out the best and the worst months to visit Tanzania for a safari.

Please keep in mind that weather has become more sporadical because of global warming so although these are the typical weather patterns there can be some variation.

best time to visit tanzania

Tanzania Weather January-February

January to February or usually lasting into mid-March is the short dry season in Tanzania. This is a good time to visit and will be less crowded than the long dry season. Because there can be some rain the water holes are full, and grass and plants are green. Temperatures are high, mid to upper 80s during the day. One great thing about visiting during this time of year is the babies, lots of baby animals to see.

Tanzania Weather March-May

March through May is the long rainy season. This is a bad time to visit Tanzania. Huge afternoon downpours are normal this time of year. The large amount of rain floods the dirt “roads” in the parks making driving around the parks impossible in some instances without getting stuck. This means no game drives.

Tanzania weather June-October

June through October is the long dry season. This is a great time to visit and the most popular. Keep in mind this is the busiest time for safari so there will be lots of other tourists- be sure to book ahead of time. This time of year rainfall is scarce and temperatures range from the 70s- 80s. Dry means low grasses and better animal sightings as well.

Tanzania Weather November-December

November to December is the short dry season in Tanzania. This is another bad time to visit because of the rain. This is also a warm time of year with highs in the upper 80s. Consider going in January or February instead, to avoid the rainy season.

The best time to visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry seasons, from January to mid-march or June-October. The worst times to visit are during the rainy seasons, mid-March to May and November, and December.

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