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Krista Suletic Bella World TravelI’m Krista Suletic, owner and founder of Bella World Travel. I am an avid traveler and travel photographer. I started Bella World Travel to fulfill my biggest passion and that is to inspire and help people to have once in a lifetime, life-changing travel experiences. 

Since I was six-years-old, flipping through a 200-page RCI book admiring all the timeshares and locations around the world I could go, I dreamed of faraway lands. I have been lucky to travel extensively with some of my favorites being Italy, Thailand, Philippines, French Polynesia, and Morocco. If you can’t tell, my favorite places are mostly warm and tropical! What can I say, turquoise water and palm trees call my name!

Why I travel?

Every trip I have gone on has given me great knowledge and understanding of cultures, nature, and myself. Travel is truly the key to self-growth and understanding not only ourselves but those around us. I am on a journey of constant growth and discovery. And I have found the best way to achieve these things is through travel and travel experiences that go beyond the normal and dive into the landscape and culture.

Every time I travel with my husband we fall more in love. Every time we travel we fall more in love with the endless beauty and wonder of this planet.

Ready to Travel?

So if you are ready to jet off to a beautiful, awe-inspiring location, If you’re ready to disconnect with stress and reconnect with each other and our planet I would be honored to help make your travel dreams come true.

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Keep growing, keep learning and keep traveling!

Krista Suletic